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                          Choice of language

                          EN CH JP
                          Original Force’s Works
                          • Movies & TV Works
                          • Games Works
                          • Duck Duck Goose

                            To be released worldwide in 2018

                            Kids and family movie


                            Co-produced by Wanda Pictures and Original Force
                            Plot: “Best Flier” Peng accidently flies into a flock of wild ducks when playing with his girlfriend Jing.
                            Two ducklings are lost from their flock due to the accident, and Peng, who is asked to fly alone as a punishment for his disobedience, has to take on the responsibility of taking care of the two ducklings. The “makeshift trio” then starts a journey to the south.The film was released nationwide on March 9, 2018.

                            Length: 80 mins

                            Genre: Adventure, comedy, family

                            Directed by: Christopher Jenkins

                            Written by: Christopher Jenkins & Rob Muir

                            Produced by: Original Force, Wanda Pictures

                            Distributed by: Wanda Pictures, Open Road, Nigel Green, etc.

                            The film will be distributed in 30 countries across the world,

                            including Mainland China, the UK, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Russia, and some North American countries.

                          • L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties

                            A 100% CG film creating an unprecedented fantasy visual feast

                            The first CG/live-action Chinese film


                            The film is adapted from the book of the same name which written by Guo Jingming. The story happens in the Aslan Empire in the west of Odin Mainland. While searching for disciple Qi Ling, Noble Lord Yin Chen finds out that his master, the former 1st lord Gilgamesh may still be alive, and thus risks his everything to begin the search of his previous master… A battle between the lords and disciples, in a fight for truth and honor, thus ensues. The film has met audiences at home and abroad on September 30, 2016.

                            Genre: Fantasy, CG, action, adventure

                            Produced by: Le Vision Pictures, Shanghai ZUI Cultural Development Co., Ltd., Original Force, etc.

                            Directed by written by: Guo Jingming

                            CG by: Original Force

                          • Where The Mountain Meets The Moon

                            Adapted from a bestseller, the film creates a world of fantasy using a greater number of Chinese elements .

                            A creative way to tell a traditional Chinese tale


                            Yong girl Minli and her parents live in a poor and mud-covered village known as the Village of Fruitless Mountain. At the dinner table, Minli’s father always tells her fanciful tales, inspired by which, Minli decides to look for The Old Man in the Moon, in order to ask his help in changing her desperately poor family’s fortune. During her adventure, she encounters colorful characters and extraordinary creatures that help her in her quest.

                            Genre: Animation, adventure, fantasy

                            Created by: Original Force’s American and Chinese teams

                            Written by: Greg Johnson who has successfully adapted a couple of marvel comics such as Doctor Strange and Young Thor.

                          • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

                            Cooperation in 3D art

                            IGN Best Visual Game
                            Metacritic Game of the Year 2016

                            Released on May 10, 2016 worldwide, “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” is an action-adventure video game of “Uncharted” series developed by Naughty Dog. Protagonist Nathan Drake, retired from fortune hunting, is forced to join in a journey around the world for hunting lost pirate treasure. A conspiracy is waiting for the players to reveal.

                            “Among the ‘Uncharted’ series, this is the final and almost the most impressive one. It’s ingenious design of details can easily keep players immersed in the plot.”

                          • Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

                            Cooperation in 3D art

                            The best 3D fighting game so far

                            A 3D fighting game developed by Bandai Namco, “Tekken 7” is the seventh installment of classical arcade fighting game “Tekken” series. It was released on PlayStation4, Xbox One, PC and Steam in June 2017.

                            Featuring characters with increased powers, the game is highly praised by professionals and amateurs. It strikes a fine balance between accessibility to newcomers and retaining much of its technical traditions. The soundtrack is also an electronic treat which increases player experience. Authoritative game media IGN gave it a 9.5 out of 10, saying, “It’s an elaborate fighting game with symbolic significance.”

                          • An unusual league of DC comics superheroes

                            Cooperation in 2D and 3D animation art

                            An unusual fighting league of DC comics superheroes

                            Published by Warner Bros., and produced by its NetherRealm Studios, “INJUSTICE 2” is a fighting game adapted from a classical comic. Familiar characters like Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Batman are still in “INJUSTICE 2”, thrilling players with their unique skills. The game was released on PS4 and Xbox One on May 16, 2017.

                            “This DC comics superhero game features faster and more skillful fighting, and more interesting content. It’s really great!”

                          • Madden NFL 18

                            Animation by Original Force

                            Classic EA Sports American football video game

                            As the latest installment of the “Madden NFL” series, “Madden NFL 18” on Project Scorpio is powered by the FrostBite engine specially designed for EA Sports games. Featuring higher definition, more realistic visual effects, and improved lighting effects and details, “Madden NFL 18” delivers visuals and gameplay like never before. The is expected to be released at the end of 2017.

                          • Brand introduction

                            Original Force

                            Original Force, is a high-tech?digital entertainment content creation company.?

                            The?company is headquartered in Nanjing, with subsidiaries in Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Thailand?and San Francisco.?

                            The company boasts a?talent pool which include more than 1000 artists.

                            We seek to bring the best?entertainment experience that resonates with global?audiences.

                            We believe in the integration of Technology, Science and Art and?gradually developed an ecosystem around IP development, project investment, content?creation, technology research and development, derivative licensing and artist?training .

                          • Development strategy
                            • Globalization

                            • integrate the global technology resources ,talents ,technology

                            • Science and Technology

                            • Technology : Movie & TV classreal-time capture and rendering technology ; exclusive license to the proprietary performance-capture technology used in the Avatar ; Investment in Pulse Evolution Corporation, developer of “virtual humans” for live and holographic concerts, feature films and branded content, R&D for VR/AR applications.

                              Facilities : 1500 ㎡ Motion-Capture Center configured by the Hollywood feature film standard;a world-class Post Production Color Correction and Screening Center equipped with sets of online FX compositors and audio editing labs; 2 sets of powerful photo scanning rigs for hyper realistic 3D portraits, ?bodies and props ; a world-class IDC Cloud Rendering Center, recommended by Arnold China, providing animation rendering, special effects compositing and other high-performance computing services, which supports 3dsMax, Maya and other mainstream software and rendering engines.

                            • Industrialization

                            • Original Force plans to release a new entertainment production every 18 months.

                            • IP “Pan-Entertainment”ecology

                            • Any form of entertainmentwill no longer exist in isolation, they will cross the borders, mutually melts the paragenesis and construct ecological closed loop.

                          • Corporate culture system

                            To Be The Best or Nothing

                            Code of Conduct:

                            Ultimate, Efficiency,Collaboration, Creativity, Reputation, Freedom.


                            Explore the Original Force, and create happiness.


                            Dedicate the best Chinese animated movies to the world filmdom.